The Most Powerful Stimulus on Earth: FOOD

Look at your Food like never before

Delicious cupcake with melting chocolate
Photo by Heather Barnes on Unsplash

Did you know that Food is one of the most powerful stimuli in the world? The only thing giving a tough fight to Food is Sex. Just imagine what Food can do to your body, especially when it is compared to or even considered above Sex.

Food is always considered picturesque (and why it shouldn’t be), but seldom people look at it from a different eye. How would you feel if I say that I’d help you to visualize and understand Food from a unique perspective? You will now look at Food beyond the taste and aroma.

Cooking is the ultimate therapy you can learn to remove boredom, deal with mood swings, and permanently settle the emotional turmoil of your life.

You need to show love and affection to your dishes. One style which comes naturally to me and I teach everybody is Slow Cooking. This expressive technique is the greatest discovery of my life and can definitely become yours. The Inviting smells released during Slow Cooking arouses Happy Hormones in your body. The whole process simply gives an opportunity to slow down yourself and take enjoyment from cooking and reconnect with your body and mind. If you want to translate your feelings in food language then Slow Cooking is your thing.

Imagine yourself standing in the kitchen with a smile on your face and enjoying the cooking process. Your happy mood reflects in the Food being cooked and automatically transfers to the person eating your Food. What a hassle-free way to cook delicious meals and at the same time spread happiness around. Trust me it’s that easy!!!

You put your heart in any dish and see for yourself the mouth-watering results. Have a go at this and you can thank me later.

Today you require an approach in cooking which involves awareness. Think of yourself in the kitchen and making a meal for your loved ones. Start with taking a few pieces of the raw whole spices in your palm and let the aroma do its magic. Remember the spices are still in their raw form, but the tantalizing smells have already aroused a part of your brain. Every spice has a unique characteristic and adds depth to your cooking.

Every conscious step you take in the cooking process leaves you with learning and infuses pleasure in your Food. Do you remember your expression when something was made in the kitchen using ghee (clarified butter)? The evoking smell of ghee does half the job and makes you want to eat that right away. The power of Food you see!!

When I think about Food, I feel lucky to be born in an Indian household. Since childhood, we Indians are surrounded by the world’s best chefs- The grandmothers, mothers, aunts. Thus, the vibrant colors, tempting recipes, and succulent foods naturally become a part of our system. Our mothers and grandmothers were never in any hurry to prepare the meals. One self-realization activity for you guys: Sit and observe any grandparent who is cooking any meal. If not cooking skills, you will definitely learn two key aspects- First is how to infuse love and second is patience.

You have to be fully conscious in the cooking process and get to know the different aromas, colors, and textures erupting out of your pan. By conscious I don’t mean utterly sober (You should be standing on your feet; at least). I do my cooking with nice Spanish music in the background and a hearty glass of scotch (I do not recommend people to drink. It is completely my choice). Music and scotch are just random tools to let the mood going and add a zing to the cooking process. The bottom line is to live every moment and translate that into tasty Food. You should always be in full control of the ingredients, proportions, method, and the final taste. That is what I will teach you: How to be happy with Food.

Whether you are an Indian or Foreign National, guy or girl, single or committed, I will help you to create magic in your kitchen and assist you to learn the Fine Art of Happiness in your cooking process.

Stay happy with food!!!

Until next time!