Get the steps right and see your food dancing to the glory

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Shaking a leg in a pub with friends or dancing in happiness at your best friend’s wedding. We all have had our moments of joy. But what do you think about dancing and the kitchen coming together? Perplexed? What’s going on? Are you nuts? These kinds of thoughts might be hitting you now, but hold on to your horses and let this story unfold.

We call up friends and go to a disco to have leisure time. The idea is to let loose, let go off of our worries and relish the present moment. Dancing is a wonderful activity that lets you express yourself beautifully and shake off any stress.

Just like dancing, cooking is also a brilliant activity which takes away your troubles effortlessly. Cooking is actually a much more effective activity when compared to dancing, or for that matter any other hobby. When you cook, all your 5 senses are active and put to good use at the same time.

How about we combine the act of cooking with a little bit of dancing? Add thrill and excitement to your kitchen. Not that you’re gonna toss pancakes on your belly (haha). You will make cooking so relaxing and pleasurable that every time you would find an excuse to just cook.

Notion behind kitchen disco

Many of us find cooking to be toiling (which I am afraid is never the case). So getting cooking at a level where one feels like a party, is the only endeavor. The act of cooking shouldn’t give you pain. Rather it should be a mood enhancer. Just like you get absorbed in a disco, you should feel the same happiness while cooking. Gather your attention and let’s see how kitchen disco falls in place.

How to merge kitchen and disco?

Delighted Chef Quotes: “Sway like a spaghetti in a silky tomato sauce”

Reinvent the monotonous method of cooking. Jazz it up and you will notice a remarkable difference.

Music is said to stimulate memories. So pick your favorite track which elevates mood and gets your arse twerking. Put that song in the background and let it build up the mood. Start with making something easy and quick to knock out. As simple as a sexy avocado toast will create magic. Or a succulent grilled chicken (which takes a few minutes) will do the trick.

So when you totally love a music piece, you get transported to a different world, each time you hear it. And undertaking any activity in that special world of yours is damn fun. So cooking, which You perceive as an average activity, will turn into an act of joy.

Kitchen disco, in particular, will put a lot of excitement in any couple’s life. Firstly, a couple will develop deeper bonds, helping each other in the kitchen. Secondly, the music and dancing will add extra zing to the whole act.

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I am on a mission to empower as many people as I can, to cook. Kitchen disco is a brainchild that would take the mission forward, adapt with time and hopefully become a sensation. I’d absolutely love to have your support and blessings in propelling this.

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This is a joint venture and I can achieve great only with your support.

See you in the next story!

Till then stay happy with food!

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