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Human beings have a tendency to break barriers, whether at home, in a school, or in an office. And this happens more when you specifically ask them not to do something. That is the time when their wicked hormones persuade them to break the rules (wink wink)

We can use the above logic and try to throw some light on the story title. When we talk about a diet plan, we will discuss a broader perspective, which will include some of the latest fad being followed, dietary restrictions, and other food preferences.

We as humans aspire to reach a particular desired state. You might have seen a lot of men in pursuit of a chiseled body, or many women who want a perfect body figure. These kinds of aspirations tend to sway and get us into a block of a diet plan.

Every coin has two sides. So let us first discuss one aspect of following a diet plan. Anybody devoting himself/ herself to a diet program develops a sense of consistency and dedication. You might have seen “larger than life” pictures on social media, showing a really impressive body transformation like “fat to fit in 30 days” or some attractive taglines like that. Such advertisements are more to allure customers than show the real blood & sweat, which goes behind an actual body transformation.

Needless to say, starting and staying put in a diet plan isn’t a child’s play. It requires persistence & focus, which becomes your second nature while following the plan. Take the example of a person who was always bad at studies and mediocre in the office, but a highly focused being while achieving a lean body.

Having talked well till now, let us also look at the other side of the coin. We started this blog with a point describing the elementary nature of human beings. Humans like to break free and feel that they are liberated, which most of them aren’t, but at least they like to feel that. A diet chart could be, and is actually perceived by many, as confinement.

Seldom people like to follow instructions, even if that is for their good. Somewhere down the line, a factor of ego comes into play (knowingly or unknowingly) and then you feel, Screw this! Many might have experienced and can relate to this feeling.

Adding another critical point to this, every human body reacts differently to different foods. A girl religiously follows a Keto diet, mainly because of 2 reasons. Firstly, the Keto diet has given her results in the past. Secondly, following that particular diet isn’t creating troubles for her body. If, for instance, a friend of this girl gets inspired and begins to pursue the same Keto diet, it isn’t necessary that she will also get the same results. There also might be a high possibility that Keto doesn’t suit her body at all.

People watch their celebrity crush becoming a Vegan, so they follow suit. Rarely it happen that a lot of thoughtfulness has gone before commencing a new food regime. People read a lot about successful personalities, who they look up to, and just try to copy their actions. This is actually a good practice to bring disciple into your lives, but it’s a different ball game when we talk about food habits.

Take the example of the exemplary athlete and the world’s best batsman Virat Kohli. There was a time when he was chubby, especially when he started off and got into the limelight. But circumstances changed for him. Things weren’t same, he had to shoulder the nation and wanted to create a benchmark for other cricketers. Thus, he followed a strict regime, only ate select foods, and got down to shape. Eventually, after marriage, he also turned Vegan (that’s what the rumors say)

Here we need to understand a few things about Virat’s journey. The training he undergoes adapts well to his diet chart. Not everybody drills like him, for that matter, not everybody is required to drill like him. His lifestyle is different, the environment is totally different, and the facilities he can avail, might not be available to a lot of people. For instance, he consumes a specific brand of drinking water, which is very expensive.

The bottom line of this story is “Your body talks to you” if you are all ears. Body does tell you, alright buddy stomach’s full, stop eating now. You don’t listen to that, do you? The body will tell you if a particular diet suits you or not. Moreover, the way you eat, how much you eat, and when you eat also determine how your body will respond to your food. You might have seen a person eating starchy food all his life and not gaining much weight.

There are many interesting and deeper aspects to showcase the connection between food, mind and body. Let’s keep that for another story.

Till now, you must have gained many insights into the concept of a fixed diet plan. So you can answer the question for yourself:

Do I need to follow any diet plan or eat with full awareness?

You might want to visit my page for more cognizance

See you in the next story! Till then, stay happy with food!




Happiness Culinary Artist & Fusion Food Designer. I bring immense joy to people’s lives with Food & Cooking. IG:

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Akshay Nand

Akshay Nand

Happiness Culinary Artist & Fusion Food Designer. I bring immense joy to people’s lives with Food & Cooking. IG:

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