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Do you remember watching your favorite movie or a web series on Netflix or Amazon? How enthusiastically you are hooked on to the show, that you literally lose track of time. Hours and hours go by just binge-watching. I am sure a lot of people can relate to this.

It’s also been quoted by one of the great minds of this era- “When you sit with a nice girl for two hours you think it’s only a minute, but when you sit on a hot stove for a minute you think it’s two hours”

Cooking is perceived by many as sitting on a hot stove. No matter how easy cooking can become, it is most of the time seen as a pain point. So, for an activity which is considered as a hot stove, you’ll be in doubt whether or not to spare out time in midst of your office work. Yes or no? Whatever you answer, carry on reading for some great eye-opening revelations.

Like cooking or don’t like cooking, doesn’t change the fact that food has to go into your stomach for proper body functioning. So to fulfill that, you would either depend on someone to cook for you or become revenue generators for the food delivery organizations. Ordering food is fast, easy, and convenient, especially for people who can afford to order food often.

There’s no harm in ordering food sometimes. It’s actually good to have a change in eating pattern, but the fact that you portray cooking in the wrong picture is more of a loss to you. Let me explain this and also answer the question in the story title.


Start with understanding a major fact, which is all the more important during the current Pandemic: The only buzzword which has been doing rounds during Covid is Immunity. We are all on the same page. Right? So now, do you want to take the responsibility of immunity building in your hands or give it to others? If your answer is former, then take this as a big excuse to cook your own food.

Seed the thought of immunity, and you’ll see how magically your mind supports & encourages you. It may sound absurd, but you would only pick yourself up to cook.

Now that you’ve convinced your mind, cooking would become like sitting with a nice girl. However, there’s another notion, which I’d be happy to break. Cooking, say 2–3 meals per day, doesn’t have to be a complicated task. We already make our life complex (wink), so let there be one less complication.

By reducing the complexity of cooking, I do not mean to reach out to the processed foods. Doing that would definitely defeat your purpose of immunity building. You can consider a few points and make your cooking less complex and much healthier:

· Spare out a good few hours during a weekend or whenever you can, and do something called “Batch Cooking”. For example, cook a simple tomato-onion gravy in bulk and freeze it. Whenever you want to make a quick curry, saute veggies of choice and throw in your gravy. And that’s done! Similar to the gravy, cook some different pasta sauces in bulk. Whenever in a pasta mood, boil it, drain, reheat your sauce and mix with pasta

· When in doubt make a Khichdi (aka Indian Risotto). Don’t get bugged by the word Khichdi yet. You are not required to make the same always. Tweak a few spices & flavors, and bring out exciting khichdi pots like Italian, Mexican or Thai. Below is an easy Italian flavored recipe

· If the word salad makes you throw up (joking), then think again. There are only a few easy principles that can make a salad from normal to super epic. Firstly, always use fresh ingredients, be it greens, herbs, fruits, veggies, or nuts. You’ll go nuts if you add nuts to a salad, so don’t miss out on that. Secondly, a dressing is the soul of any salad. So play with it and make it interesting every time. You change the dressing and you have a new salad every day.

· Egg is something that excites a lot of people. Remember that there are countless ways to make it your sweetheart. An egg is one of the most spectacular and versatile ingredients on this planet. Boil it, fry it, scramble it, poach it, bake it. Play with it and make it your own. Each time it won’t fail to deliver deliciousness to your plate.

· A smoothie sounds fancy and posh to you? Freeze just about any fruit and combine that with yogurt, water, or milk, with the addition of healthy stuff like honey or seeds. And Boom! You treat yourself with a filling glass of goodness each time.

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If you just start by following the above points, you’ll be able to knock out delicious and easy food every day. And if doing this fascinates you, then I’d suggest you take more interest in cooking. Maybe learn from your parents, explore YouTube or read blogs.

Apart from immunity building, there are countless benefits of cooking your own food. So don’t deprive yourself of them.

If you decide to take cooking to a supreme level, then get in touch with me. I’d be more than happy to assist you and take you along on the most spectacular journey.

See you in the next story.

Stay happy with food and life in general!!!

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